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Digital in Latin America

Latin America has one of the fastest growing online populations which already spends an average of nearly 7 hours per day online. Digtal and social platforms are increasingly important to the young, but over 90% of all Internet users are members of social networks.



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Latin America

We have already collected billions of data points on Latin American consumers within our big data warehouse and our algorithms can precisely identify many communities.


The continent already has around 635 million people and continues to grow. Like the Middle East and North Africa, it has a relatively young population, with 20% of the population between the ages of 15 and 24.


As with every market we operate in, we believe in “glocality”: think global and act local. We provide our clients with local insights based on research, local experience and field work, taking into consideration the identity and behavioral codes of each country.


Latin America is characterized by a collectivist culture with strong family values, religion, establishing long-term mutual trust and respect. Its people value honor and respect.


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