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Europe remains the largest economy on Earth with a mature and developed digital market. It has both a rich history and a high level of social and cultural diversity. 


As with every market we operate in, we believe in “glocality”: think global and act local. We provide our clients with local insights based on research, local experience and field work, taking into consideration the identity and behavioral codes of each country.


While superficial homogeneous, European cultural norms are actually more diverse than any other continent.

Digital in Europe

The internet penetration is among the highest in the world (around 70%). And more than half are on social media. The average adult now spends around 20 hours a week online.

Europe is a continent rich in history with a lot of diversity and culture.  We approach Europe by understanding and addressing the differences between the countries that constitute it. This way, we can perfectly fit your message to the needs and conditions of the Target Audience.

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